A New Summer and A New Job -

God has seen fit to give Greg a new job... after being laid off for close to 6 months, he is now gainfully employed and has been for almost a week! This has been such an answer to prayer for their little family! He is working as a Maintenance Tech. for Knowledge Learning Corp. throughout the Indy area and seems to enjoy this new line of work. The job duties are much like that of a Residence Maintenance Tech, which he has been in the past and is something he is comfortable with. Praise the Lord for His many blessings. Aly and Mommy are trying to re-adjust themselves to not having Daddy around during the day... they are missing him just terrible, but are thankful every day for a 'good' job for their favorite 'man'!


Merry May Your Spring Be -

CLICK HERE! http://picasaweb.google.com/jgregorypenn/Spring2009?feat=directlink Several pictures taken this Spring have been added to the above link!
Well, Easter has come and gone, as well as Mother's Day! Time is slipping by so quickly and things are changing around the Penn household! Alyson is growing up and loving the time she spends with Daddy and Mommy. Especially the outdoor time, she can not seem to get enough of playgrounds, with their swings, tunnels and slides! Greg was able to get the neighbor to give her their play set and she was ecstatic! (They were in the process of moving and wanted to get rid of it, anyway!)
Greg (and Shelly) would like to say Congratulations to a few family members at this time. Son, Wesley, will graduate from High School on May 18th and has joined the United States Air Force! CONGRATS! Daughter, Whitley, has broken several records with her High School Track Team and has had exceptional grades this year! CONGRATS! Brother (to Greg), Chad, has received his Masters in International Business and will be missed when he and his wife, Sunny, move to Korea in the future! CONGRATS! Cousin (to Shelly), Nate, has graduated from Ivy Tech and will move on to other things as his educational journey continues next year! CONGRATS!
Happy Spring to all Bloggers from Greg and his family.


A Pre-Easter Thought from Greg -

The following lyrics are those to one of Greg's favorite Easter themed songs. What an amazing thought...
"God Himself the Lamb" by The Cathedral's
1. Although Abraham could not understand how God in His great love
Could ask him for the only son he had,
Yet when it seemed to him all hope was dim, his faith this promise sang,
'God will provide Himself a Lamb',
The only sacrifice that sin demands.
Just as He proved to Abraham, He would provide Himself a Lamb.
Behold the Lamb, God Himself the Lamb
2. Then the promise rang; unto Bethlehem this God reached down to man
And gave to us the only Son He had.
Then when His time had come, with His precious blood,
He sealed redemption's plan
And God provides Himself a Lamb
Behold the Lamb of God, God Himself a Lamb.
. .
Happy Easter from Greg and His Family to You and Yours!!!


Spring Break 2009 -

CLICK HERE! http://picasaweb.google.com/thepennfamily2007/GoingBonkersOnSpringBreak09?feat=directlink for a link into Greg's Family Spring Break 2009 Photo Album.

TODAY'S forcasts here in the city are:

70.9 °F
Mostly Cloudy
Dew Point:
39 °F
8.0 mphfrom the SW
Wind Gust:
16.0 mph
30.00 in
Heat Index:
76 °F
10.0 miles
4 out of 16
Few at 8000 ft

Now, how's that for a forcast? Just right, in Greg's opinion! His best advice for today is to get out and go for a drive in the sun!


"Terrafugia Transition", World's First Flying Car, To Ship Late Next Year -

Greg saw something the other day that captured his interests... the idea of a Flying Car by next year??? He thought it would be interesting to share a little of what he found with you. So, here goes:
"Flying Cars" are all hat, no cattle. But wait. What's this? A flying car that will actually exist, roll on real streets and highways and then take off into the wild blue? You betcha. Pony up your $194,000, and by the end of next year you could be cruising skyward in a 1300-pound Terrafugia Transition and then parking it in your garage when you're done. It's more like a drivable airplane, but we'd rather call it a flying car.
Let's do a 'verbal walkaround'. Out back is a push prop, and the front canard does double duty as a wing and bumper. Its gas engine will push it over a range of 460 miles through the air. Look at the cool way the wings fold up into a compact package, completing its metamorphosis from airworthy flying machine to street-legal road rocket. Now, for a 'visual walkaround', just CLICK HERE! http://dvice.com/archives/2008/10/terrafugia_tran.php
We've been hearing about the 'Flying Car' for ages, so the great news today, is that it's actually going to happen and soon. The first flying prototype is scheduled to take off next month. Nice, huh? Covert that prop to a jet engine and give it vertical takeoff capabilities, and we'll be living in the 'future'. As we approach 2015, the year Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future, Part II, we're still woefully far away from the dream of having a flying car in every garage. However,the Terrafugia Transition hopes to change that, the first flying car is to be made available to consumers by the end of 2010.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Greg has a customized Keith Urban Valentine video JUST FOR YOU, SHELLY! Pay close attention to the details. Happy Valentine's Day with love... have a great weekend!

Click here to watch:


With only 4 days to go until Valentine's Day-

*A special note from Greg:
I love you, Shelly. You are my dream girl. God brought us together and I want you to know how happy you have made me.

Happy Valentine's Day!


A Real Snow Storm in Indiana

A winter storm blanketed parts of the Midwest and Northeast with up to a foot of snow, causing a 59-vehicle pileup and at least four traffic fatalities across the entire area. The local traffic was really slow on Wednesday when Greg headed to the northside to shovel snow.
FOX 59 News: In Indianapolis, snowplowing crews, on the road 24/7 since Monday night, aren't even half-finished. They'll be plowing and dropping salt "probably through Sunday," said David Sherman, director of the Department of Public Works.
Temperatures are expected to stay well below freezing for the next few days, which means the snow is not going to melt. And so the city will move it -- at least the big piles Downtown -- to a Public Works lot on the Southside. Yay! Close to Greg and Shelly's neighborhood!
The storm was pretty major, said FOX, with 12.5 inches of snow dumped over the central and southern parts of the state. It was the most snow that had fallen on Indianapolis since 1996, and the city was fairly paralyzed. Schools closed, garbage trucks were parked, and Mayor Ballard urged residents to "stay home" if at all possible and "stay safe."
In addition to the 75 city-owned snowplow trucks, at times augmented by 20 plows that were affixed to garbage trucks, 135 private contractors were out in their trucks plowing as of midmorning Wednesday.
Greg, along with 4 other guys from his Church, were right out there with them! They were called out at 3AM, by another Blogger friend and arrived back home at 4:30PM to a major drift of snow, piled up off the road, at the foot of his own driveway, meaning he had to plow HIS drive before he could even pull into the garage.
FOX reported that atleast two people have died as a result of the weather, victims of a traffic accident in Marengo (Crawford County) and a snow-shoveling incident in Jackson County, a 62-year-old Seymour area man who suffered a heart attack Wednesday. (OOPS! And it was while he was shoveling snow!)
It's possible -- there's a 30 percent chance -- that more snow could still arrive. The chance of snow tonight: 40 percent. But, it would be less than an inch, authorities have said. Warm weather better hurry up!



While being laid off, Greg has been busy with job searching online and decided to open a blog. He has heard that having a personal website will aide in the job market. So, here he goes!
Greg will not post blogs as often as his wife Shelly does (which is weekly). However, he will attempt to post something once or twice a month and will look forward to making contacts with as many fellow blogger's, as possible.
Shelly has also informed him, that people who visit blogsite's are very interested in photos so, a picture of little Aly has been posted below. This was taken for her 1st birthday (She was born on October, 30 2007)
Thanks again for stopping by. Have a great week!